Retro themed sidescrolling cute-em-up where you utilize various 80s paraphernalia to defeat waves of enemies. Could feature pixel art and chiptunes, as well as multiple bosses with unique encounters.

Turn based stealth game where you sneak around a a bank, avoiding security guards, cameras, and other traps. Takes place on a sort of grid, with enemies telegraphing movements similar to Into the Breach. The theme and art are pretty flexible, I’m imagining either an old-west theme or kind of cyberpunk theme.

Overhead racing game with multiple players, cpus, and physics based silliness. Imagine slot car racing combined with Fall Guys. Theme is flexible but could accommodate cartoon or hand drawn assets.

Cyberpunk themed run-and-gun with platformer puzzle solving and projectile combat. Player needs to rescue his pet captured by an enemy gang. The player can change their abilities, trading off things like movement speed for faster shooting.

Platforming game that takes place in a library, with various levels taking place in different books. Each level features a unique mechanic related to the book.