Mike Shinoda’s Jan 25th Stream featured him producing Ben Kessler’s song “Known Like This”. I really like music production streams so this was right up my alley. I turned on the sound while getting ready to browse for a random channel and was instantly hooked.

One thing that stood out to me was how high the production quality of the stream was while also staying very minimal. His main overlay is just his screen, with a side-view camera so the viewer can see his instruments, and a chalk-like camera border.

One thing that really impressed me was his different scenes. The two main ones he switched between were the one above and one that was just his primary camera. When switching scenes he had an awesome scene-wipe that looked like paint being spread across the screen before it faded into the new scene. I captured a little of it below.

I should also note the the audio was superb. He was broadcasting in stereo so we could hear every bit of audio, which was noticeable since the track he was producing had a great soundstage.

As far as audience participation goes, I think he balanced really well with staying focused on his work and occasionally interacting with chat. A really interesting aspect was that the person he was producing the track for, Ben Kessler, was actually in the chat and he was interacting with him a good bit to get feedback on how the mix was going. The stream had over 10k views so there were tons of chatters, but he had it set to Slow-Mode so it wasn’t distracting like some other popular streams.

No greenscreen (which is usually the norm for music production streams) but the room he is in is well cleaned and looks nice. Music production streams love to show off all the equipment they can (at least I do) so wide shots like he has are pretty common. It kind of reminds me of my favorite music production stream, RAC who has an awesome 4-5 camera muilti-cam setup that is super vibey. He has some lighting on his face that is well balanced.

Overall, there was a reason that I stopped to tune into this stream in the middle of class instead of waiting until later to complete this project. It had a high production value, Mike was super engaging, and the content he was streaming was interesting. I felt like if I didn’t tune in right now I would be missing something special, which is the feeling I think every good live event is going for.