Personally, I have been streaming twice a week since last October, and its has been a super fun experience! Currently my streams are focused on gaming, whether that is playing a new popular game that I am in the middle of like Cyberpunk or Hades, playing a less known but really fun indie game like House Flipper, or practicing Bass using a Rockband-esque app called Yousician. Here are some ideas for things that I think might be fun to integrate or add to my existing streaming schedule to continue to push my art a little further!

Idea 1: A more avant-garde stream that is more ambient. Either watching outside my window with chill music playing, or something extremely short but exciting streamed to something like Reddit RPAN

This could be similar to RPAN streams like this one, where it features just some birds in the snow but is getting some good interaction.

Idea 2: An ASMR aquarium stream, where setup a multi-cam setup and position my mic in such a way to get good audio from the various aquarium appliances.

An example of a similar stream is a shrimp breeder, Shrimps247 on Twitch. There isn’t an “Ambient” category on twitch so they usually stream on the ASMR category. A suggestion Rob gave was to see if I can integrate bits or donations to do stuff like feed the fish, to increase interaction. Maybe changing LEDs as an interaction.

Idea 3: Live podcast recording! I am recording two podcasts for school this semester, and I’m always interesting in starting up my own podcast on a topic like games ethics, getting into the games industry, or spirituality.

Twitch has a podcast and talk show category, which means there is already a huge precedent for this! I like the more highly produced streams with well thought out overlays. The Needle Drop has excellent graphics, establishing the brand clearly but is still visually engaging. This would 100% be something I would be doing with other people, probably interview style like The Needle Drop, but if I hit the right idea I could see myself bringing in a co-host.

Idea 4: A concerted, scheduled, long-term gaming experiment style stream.

I’ve loved seeing the Shroud and XQc private Rust server content. They invited hundreds of streamers into this private server and everyone has been getting great content from the unique interactions they are having with other content creators. I have some streaming friends who might be interested in something like a communal Minecraft / SkyBlock server, so it could be interesting to set up the server and schedule times for all of us to stream the same game on the same server together.