My opening / starting scene features the twitch live chat, my aquarium cam, and a timer. The colors have been my brand colors for a while, so I decided to stick with those.

This is the main in-game or during stream overlay for when I’m doing gaming stuff or other streaming. It features the Twitch chat to capture that for YT vods, as I interact with chat a lot and it’d be weird not to see that part of the stream if you miss it live. I also feel like it adds to the engagement factor, as they can see their message appearing on screen

In-between changing games, or waiting for a match to start, I like to switch the focus to the Aquarium, so I have a feed with a diminished primary cam and a much larger aquarium camera.

When I am just starting a stream or just ending one I like to switch to a “just chatting” scene, which is basically the aquarium scene but flipped to focus on me.

And finally, when I’m finishing a stream I like to have something to throw up for if we are raiding someone or just ending things there for tonight. Not sure exactly why other streamers have these scenes besides to give it a bit of finality.