Wednesday 3/3

This was my first stream as a Twitch Affiliate, and it felt substantially different. Maybe it was just the energy or buildup of the stream to this point, but I had increased my average viewers from 2 on the last stream to 9. While I did get raided by another streamer around the 70% mark in the stream, I had still maintaining an average of 6 viewers.

The stats were not the most remarkable part of the stream though. Mid-way through there was a fire in my apartment building, and I forgot to cancel the stream! For a solid 20-30min, my stream was just my fish with the fire alarm in the background. I hopped on my phone to chat with viewers which helped keep a few people around. I discovered I couldn’t override the stream to stream from my phone, which is good to know.

And finally, the affiliate thing did add a lot of engagement tools. I added a reward that I’d take a drink if people redeemed 100 channel points, and ended up drinking 2 liters of water during the second half of the stream. People seemed to really enjoy that so I’ll keep iterating on that.

And finally, I heard a really great convo on another stream about the raid / streamer support vibes on Twitch. I love raiding other streamers after my stream if I have viewers, and I like getting raided. But there is definitely a group of people that cozy up to bigger streamers in the hopes of getting raided, and that just feels scummy. I also try and make friends with other streamers, and while that is not at all my intention I also can’t argue that I wouldn’t appreciate them reciprocating. Don’t have an answer for this but its something I want to think about. I think the intention I’m bringing has a lot to do with it. Am I trying to make new friends or am I trying to climb a social ladder?