Idea 1: Coordinated Minecraft Stream

Thanks to the efforts made at the beginning of the semester with the Minecraft Server which has been my single-streamer project, it is now ready to accommodate some form of coordinated stream. Some ideas are:

  • Long form team efforts a-la “Survivor” with weekly challenges
  • A higher-touch experience like a Hunger Games map made large enough for one round to last an hour
  • New world that is PvP and focused on competition. (Could be regular or Skyworld)

This would be drawing from both other Twitch group game experiences (like the xQc Rust Server) and other Minecraft servers that are played on Twitch (like the Dream SMP)

Idea 2: Getting Ready to Graduate Pod

This would be a weekly podcast, in a similar format to other live-streamed podcasts. It would feature a recurring host (or co-hosts) and also rotating weekly guests. Topics would focus on stuff like finding a job after college, the anxiety of trying to graduate, emotions surrounding graduation, etc.

Idea 3: Improv Show

This could be an interesting thing, where the “plot” ties into the medium. An example could be a small group of post-apocalyptic survivors that gain access to the internet once a week, and take the time to chat with each other discuss events, survival tips, etc. Focus on comedy and improv.

This might be similar to a lot of live-play roleplaying shows on Twitch, that also try to lean into pretty heavily. I imagine the content might be similar to the “Mission to Zyxx” podcast, which is sci-fi but has a similar idea of  having a recurring cast of characters.

A Twitch example is the Magnet Theater, which has been doing similar Zoom improv shows, except they have new people and new stories each week instead of doing a continuous storyline.